Qǔ Wallet

About Qǔ Wallet

Qu Wallet supports all Qu Point transactions. Each Qu Wallet is designed differently according to the type of wallet

About Qǔ Point (QǔP)

QǔP is the means of payment among the MSMEs on Qǔ Exchange. It has a stable store of value and a reliable unit of account since it is backed by products and services.

In comparison to other currencies, it is not a speculative instrument but a pure transactional tool for MSMEs to use for transaction settlements.

Pegged to the local currency
Backed by products & services
No fluctuation in value
Used to purchase products & services on Qu Exchange

Type & Functionality of Qǔ Wallet

Business Wallet

Pledge for Qu Point and use it to purchase products & services for your business needs.

Branch Wallet (New)

For businesses with multiple branches to receive Qu Point while tracking the sales of each branch.

Employee Wallet

An individual wallet that can be linked to the company’s Business Wallet for employers to allocate Qu Point as an employee benefit.

Public Wallet (New)

A wallet that is available for any individual to pay with Qu Point by topping it up into their wallet.