Qǔ Exchange

About Qǔ Exchange (QǔE)

Qu Exchange is a marketplace that facilitates the trade of products & services among MSMEs and individuals using Qu Point as payment.

The Mechanism

How It Works

Security of Qu

To replenish undelivered products & services by defaulters

Unused QuP will be fully insured with the same value

QuP is audited by an independent auditor

Credit check is conducted using CTOS

Why Use Qu Exchange?

Instant working capital
No interest repayment
No transaction costs
Qu Point transfers are instant
Availability of employee flexi-benefits

Credit Control

Pledge Limit for MSMEs

Limit A

Maximum RM30,000 for MSMEs without audited reports, but with more than one year business track record

Limit B

Maximum 10% of annual turnover for MSMEs with audited reports and more than three years business track record